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OPN Endorsements

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City of Anaheim, California
"We have about 183 sworn personnel who are trained in the use of the OPN... In my 22 years in law enforcement, I have never seen a more effective device that is also so versatile."
Ray D. Welch,
Lieutenant Watch Commander
Mexico, Missouri
"...we've used the OPN without fail and I've seen this tool used in many different situations with postitive results each time. Now as an Administrator, I can say this works very well in a small setting such as a Jail cell. The diversity of the OPN makes it a common tool for our Patrol and Jail Divisions to use effectively and safely. The Audrian County Sheriff's Office will continue to carry, use and train with the OPN until the end of time. As I stated before, the OPN is a very effective, diverse and best designed tool to assist officers."
Captain Ed Williams, Jail Administrator
Audrain County Sheriff's Office
Hillsborough, California
"This OPN System has been so incredibly thought out and organized. Kevin Orcutt has a real teaching gift. I feel lucky to have been instructed by the master / inventor. The OPN is the future of law enforcement."
Steven Gonzales,Police Officer
Hillsborough Police Dept.
Oklahoma Council Law Enforcement Education and Training
"This course is certainly dynamic. It gives officers of all ages, gender, ability, physical size or shape, a tool that is immediately workable, effective and resilient in terms of control. It is presented in a clear and concise fashion. This is no gimmick! The OPN and training process is one of the best programs I've ever witnessed, much less participated in. We'll be using it in Oklahoma."
Vince O'Neill, D.T. Coordinator
Chief Instructor Oklahoma C.L.E.E.T.
City of Albany, Indiana
"Throughout my 18 years as a law enforcement officer and trainer, I have taught defensive tactics and expandable batons, now as a level II OPN Instructor, I teach the ultimate controlling tool for law enforcement officers. Officers have more leverage and better control in tougher situations, while lowering the use of force lawsuits. I haven't found a controlling tool that comes close to the performance and control of the OPN."
Rick Denny, Sergeant
Training Commander
New Albany Police Dept.