OPN Order Information

OPDS Inc. presents the New OPN III as a non-lethal restraint and control defensive tool option for Corrections, Law Enforcement, Government, and Military professionals.

PLEASE NOTE: OPDS Inc. requires a photo ID to be submitted with your order. We appreciate your cooperation as we work to provide this exceptional tool to only those professionals who will use the New OPN III as it was intended, thank you.

To order equipment you may call one of our distributors listed here or follow the instructions below to order direct from OPDS Inc.


Honey Badger FirearmsHoney Badger Firearms
San Diego, California
Telephone: (619) 354-4867

Galls Denver Branch

Galls Denver Branch
Denver, Colorado
Telephone: (303) 455-7000

Item Price List

ORCUTT OPN cases and tool.

NEW OPN III $85.00
OPN Case - Nylon (Left/Right) $65.00
OPN Case - L-Force (Black/Plain) (Left/Right) $69.00
OPN Case - L-Force (Black/Basketweave) (Left/Right)* $71.00
OPN Case - Leather (Black/Plain) (Left/Right) $82.00
OPN Case - Leather (Black/Basketweave) (Left/Right) $85.00
OPN Case - K-Force (Black/Plain) (Left/Right) $78.00
OPN Case - K-Force (Black/Basketweave) (Left/Right)** $80.00
OPN Wrist Protectors (Pair) $48.00
Training OPN $42.00
OPN Instructor I Course DVD $20.00
 Instructor Sport Shirt (custom) $35.00
OPN Instructor I Course (32 Hours) $400.00
Instructor Recertification $200.00
Impact Bag & Rolling Stand *** $500.00


* L-Force is Coated Nylon, Leather-Like Appearance  ** K-Force is Coated Leather, High-Gloss Appearance  *** Aluminium Constructed, Quick Assembly, Mobile, Includes Carrying Bag

OPDS Inc. Direct Order Instructions

Step 1: Please right click and save a copy of the Order Form PDF to your computer; open the PDF file from your computer and fill out the details. "Save" to update the file.
Step 2: Create a digital copy of your Photo ID (preferably in .jpg, .jpeg, or .png formats).
Step 3: Email both the completed Order Form and Photo ID to info@orcuttopn.com.

OPDS Inc. thanks you for your purchase. Contact us if you have questions about the Orcutt Police Nunchaku or our instructor courses.