OPN Reviews

OPN Instructor I Course
Pinal County S.O. AZ
December 2023

"Well versed on topic's and was open minded to how county operates. Thank you for coming out."

"You were very open to other methods that could be more effective and was willing to implement."

"I believe this tool will be highly effective in the Detention setting."

"Great class! All of us really enjoyed learning about and how to use the OPN."

OPN Instructor I Course
Uinta County S.O. WY
June 2023

"Well organized, taught it very well and knows a lot about the tool. Makes class fun to be in."

"Thank you for coming and teaching us skills we can use."

"Very well organized and seemed to flow to the next move demonstration. I feel like maybe one more half day or full day would be beneficial to have some more time to iron out issues, Thanks again!"

OPN Instructor I Course
Napa County S.O. CA
March 2023

"This was presented perfectly. Almost all hands on practical application which drove home the techniques. I am genuinely excited to bring this to my department and to carry this tool on patrol."

"Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us and your tool. I hope Jason and I can get our dept. to allow officers and agents the choice to carry such a great tool."

"This course was very comprehensive and gave me a new skill set to approach a variety of situations I may encounter in the field. I am more confident when handling passive and active resistant subjects. I've been wanting to go to this course for the past 2 years. Thank you for your time and instruction."

"Prior to this training I did not know anything about the OPN. I now know what the OPN is and how it is used. I feel confident in my skills I was taught with the OPN. The training was fun and thorough. I feel the OPN and this training will help me and my department reduce the use of force and deescalate any situation."

OPN Instructor I Course
Campbell County S.O. WY
Thornton P.D. CO

August 8 - 11, 2022

"Great course! Feel more confident in subduing suspects and getting them under control."

"Thank you for coming up to teach the class & all your hard work. Great detailed passionate teaching. Excellent class, Thank you!"

"Excellent class, very interactive & helpful."

"Thank you for everything! I really enjoyed this training and I learned a lot. I can see myself using this new tool a lot within my career. I feel more confident in my skill set no with my new knowledge. Thank you for passing your knowledge to new and young Deputies / Officers! Thank you."

Deputy Dakota Carlsen

Sweetwater County S.O.

Rock Springs, WY

OPN Instructor I Course
Thornton P.D. CO

September 27 - 30, 2021

"Awesome class! Thank you! I appreciate your understanding of learning styles and showing us different teaching styles."

Deputy Sterling Iowa

"Great class, well instructed"

"I am very excited about having the OPN on my tool belt. I appreciate the instructor's passion with the tool's usage and his continued interest in helping Law Enforcement. Thank you! I learned a lot in the class and have a lot of respect for the instructor and OPN. Thank you for the extra instruction."

Deputy Scott Perry

"Great class, easy to follow, Thank you"

California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation

June 15 - 18, 2020

Men in black t-shirts practicing restraint tactics.

"Fantastic class. Excellent Instruction. Much more detailed info, compared to my previous instruction. Practical arrest control techniques."

"Excellent & Eye Opening! Mr. Orcutt was phenominal in knowledge & demonstration! In light of recent events, this tool addresses so many of Law Enforcements blind spots."

"Really wish we could of been approved in my department, when I started. Kevin is an excellent instructor. I pray more agencies will adopt this tool as it can really solve a lot of issues with injuries & lawsuits. Thanks for everything."

"As always, Sensei Orcutt is the best of the best in defensive tactics & control / restraint. Love ya Sensei" Paul Lozada

"The Course was excellent. I greatly appreciate you coming out to CA and putting in such great work. I am looking forward to working up to being an Instructor 2. I will be in touch. Thank you and safe travels" Jason Hamdan

Greene County S.O. MO OPN

June, 2019

Men in black t-shirts practicing restraint tactics.

"Thank you for taking your time for each of us individually. Wish it was one or two days longer! Thanks"

"Going to OPN vs baton now! Fantastic, versatile tool. Instructor is first rate. A fantastic time"

""I actually believe this course added a great deal to my base of knowledge. I've been to D.T. classes I got very little out of. This is one I got a lot out of! Thank you for offering it."

Jasper County S.O. MO

August 13 - 16, 2018

Men in black t-shirts practicing restraint tactics.

"Great course, Excited to use this on the job"

"Great class, would like more practical training, would highly recommend training to other departments."

"An honor to have the officer who created the system to teach us. Come back soon"

"Great class, Thanks again!! Look forward to teaching others."

Thornton P.D. CO

April 4 - 7, 2018

Men in black t-shirts practicing restraint tactics.

"This class was great! I learned a lot, lot's of time was spent covering material and I felt very supported."

"Thank you for taking the time to teach us! I can't wait to teach this class and share the knowledge"

Denver P.D. CO

October 17 -20, 2016

Men in black t-shirts practicing restraint tactics.

Master Instructor, Kevin D. Orcutt

"I have been wanting to take this course for a long time and it was well worth it"
Jamie Coulson

"Very, Very informative and enjoyable course! I'd love to see a Corrections Officer specific OPN course"

"Excellent course, all Law Enforcement should go to these tools."

"Amazing class"

OPN Instructor I Course
Otero County S.O. CO
November 2023

"Love this class, and Instructors."

"Very good class. Easy to understand. Very highly recommended!!! Good job."

"Never had such a good time getting beat up. The best course ever!"

"I spent years trying to take this course. This did not disappoint. Being a non LEO normally causes issues, but not here. The course & instruction was more than worth the wait."

"I really enjoyed this course. This course is one of the best courses I have attended..I am excited to implement this as a standard piece of equipment with my professionals.

OPN Instructor I Course
Rio Grande County S.O. CO

June 2023

"I absolutely loved the class. I think the OPN'S are super effective and need to be used in all departments it would prevent a lot of deaths and departments being sued. I look forward to using the OPN Tool and teaching my department to use them. Thank you so much Kevin for taking your time to train us, who knew how much getting control of a ankle could help control a subject."

    Love it Keep Teaching it"    

    "This is my first Instructor re-cert and I plan on many more. The OPN is an asset tool to our agency when it comes to arrest control. If your looking for hands on this is the class and tool to use. Kevin and his team will help you all the way through from getting the training to getting equipment ordered. They are easy to work with and provide much experience for this training. VERY GOOD CLASS AND TOOL!"    

OPN Instructor I Course
Santa Monica P.D. CA

September 2022

"The Instructor was very engaging and thorough. He took time to make sure each student understood the techniques."
    "Excellent class, as always. The OPN is needed now more than ever before."
    "When first given OPN training I thought it was a good tool, but never was going to use it. After this training I feel it is more valuable than tools I currently carry. I will carry this now instead of other things. This needs to be bigger than other tools."    
    "Great course overall. First day material could have been condensed for less time. Looking forward to utilizing the tool!"    
"-A lot of material and new information. Appreciated going over training blocks at least twice.    

- Lots of positive encouragement     

- Enjoyed scenarios    

- A lot of different approaches and tactical thinking    

- Would like to incorporate your teaching style into my agengy's    

- Would like more methods of how to teach students (I enjoyed how you handle the class)"

OPN Instructor I Course
Eureka P.D. CA

February 2021

"Thank you very much for your time! It was awesome that you have 36 years in LE & that you created this tool. I enjoyed the class, I am thankful I got to attend. I really hope I am able to get these into our jail. You did an awesome job teaching. Thank you again."

"Absolutely fantastic training! As I begin to consider retirement I find myself fortunate to have taken this course. I would recommend this course to any and all DT Instructors. It was an honor and a privilege to learn from you. Thank you and God speed!"

Sergeant Rodrigo Reyna-Sanchez, Eureka P.D. CA

"This was an excellent course that I recommend for any Officer. Orcutt's ability to instruct is bar none. He explains the material in full detail and ensures students comprehend what is being taught. Orcutt treats every student with importance. It is obvious Orcutt loves what he does and wants what is best for law enforcement as a whole. The OPN is a tool that can change the way the nation views police work."

"We appreciate you coming out to our section of the country. We are believers and will make you proud. Thank you for doing what you do to help make sure our careers are safer and longer!"

"We have had some current DT related issues and now learning how to utilize the OPN and it's effectiveness on resistant suspects will add a tool to our department that will only make us better. Thank you for coming out and teaching us. I learned a lot."

Otero County S.O. CO

November 16 - 19, 2020

Men in black t-shirts practicing restraint tactics.

"Did an amazing job. Stay safe sir.""

"Great Course / did not have any previous knowledge of the OPN. Will be a great tool for LE use."

"Thanks this will be used"

Santa Monica P.D. CA

June 11 - 14, 2018

Men training with using the OPN on the ankle.

"This tool is simply the best control tool I've ever seen or used. His passion for the product shows and is inspiring. I hope to see him again when I obtain approval for use of the OPN in my agency"

"After using the OPN's for over 10 years it was fantastic to meet the inventor of the tool and its application. The OPN is a fantastic tool for today's officer. Kevin is a great instructor with a wealth of knowledge."

"Mr. Orcutt is a legend. He is well spoken and very informative. Orcutt takes the time to make sure every student fully understands the lesson. I would recommend any agency who has interest in the OPN, to reach out to Orcutt, he is top notch. Thank you Kevin!"

"Wonderful class & Fantastic tool! Thank you for the opportunity to train with the Master Instructor"

"This class was exceptionally educational and eye opening. I am sold on the OPN and its practicality and will definitely keep it on me at all times and most likely use it frequently. The class was very well taught and I enjoyed every minute of it."

San Diego P.D. CA

January 19 - 22, 2016

Master Instructor, Kevin D. Orcutt

"Great course. SDPD is back baby!"

"Great class, loved the practical application and scenarios, perfect amount of time for the course. Liked the daily review of skills."

Men training with using the OPN on the ankle."Great class Kevin. After all these years you bring energy to your instruction. I love learning from hi-energy and enthusiastic instructors. You had patience with us SDPD folks, we appreciate your sense of humor. You are a true professional, yet down to earth. Thank You."

"Great class and great tool. I forgot how effective the OPN is on pain compliance & will be reborn with the BWC generation. Thank you for your service & knowledge."

Monrovia P.D. / Santa Monica P.D. CA

October 5 - 8, 2015

Master Instructor, Kevin D. Orcutt

"Great course, even though I've been using the OPN for 13 years, I learned a lot of new techniques and improved on the skills I already had. I feel very confident that I will be able to immediately apply what I learned and in turn, train others. Thank you,"
Luis Villalobos

"Sensei Orcutt is by far one of the best, if not the best Police Defensive Tactics lnstructors, I had the honor of training with."
Paul Lozada

"I absolutely loved the class. You are very knowledgeable. I look forward to teaching in the near future. You present the material very well and demonstrate it with accuracy."

"Mr. Orcutt is a true professional. One of the best courses of my 15 year LEO career. I believe Mr. Orcutt's OPN & program to be among the Best defensive protection programs available to L.E."

Denver Sheriff Department, CO

August 31, September 1 - 3, 2015

Master Instructor, Kevin D. Orcutt

OPN training."I really thought it was just going to be like my course when I was in the academy, But it was so much more! I learned so much more! It was an honor to have you sir as my instructor. I would do another course with you any day. You're a great instructor, thank you."
Deputy St. Germain

"This course has been some of the best of the best training I have ever received. This is officer safety through and through. I would not go to work without my OPN."

"My wrist and ankles hurt. Great course. Scenarios were a blast! I'm ready to teach."

"This was an excellent class. I learned a lot and was able to execute practical exercises well. The instructor was very skilled and knowledgeable on the material and did a great job teaching the class."


City of Anaheim, California

"We have about 183 sworn personnel who are trained in the use of the OPN... In my 22 years in Law Enforcement, I have never seen a more effective device that is also so versatile."

Ray D. Welch,
Lieutenant Watch Commander

Mexico, Missouri

"...we've used the OPN without fail and I've seen this tool used in many different situations with postitive results each time. Now as an Administrator, I can say this works very well in a small setting such as a Jail cell. The diversity of the OPN makes it a common tool for our Patrol and Jail Divisions to use effectively and safely. The Audrian County Sheriff's Office will continue to carry, use and train with the OPN until the end of time. As I stated before, the OPN is a very effective, diverse and best designed tool to assist officers."

Captain Ed Williams, Jail Administrator
Audrain County Sheriff's Office

Jasper County, Missouri

"I have been around the OPN for the duration of my 25-year law enforcement career and have found it to be an effective and safe tool for gaining compliance. As a Sheriff, I appreciate an easy to use tool that allows for quickly gaining compliance that minimizes risk of injury. Of all the law enforcement gear we have at our disposal, I would give the OPN my highest recommendation."

Sheriff Randee Kaiser
Jasper County S.O. MO

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